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Episode 2 is available:

Calling all entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs. This conversation will transform you and your business.

Topic: What is the DNA of a successful entrepreneur?

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In this episode, Dr. Karmetria Burton speaks with her mentor Dr. Dennis Kimbro: author, coach and professor at Clark Atlanta University. He has interviewed peak performers all over the world, and learned the best ideas, strategies and success principles from their words. He’s heard the same things enough times to know that all people who succeed tend to follow the same path and that all people who have not succeeded yet tend to fall into the same pit over and over again.



00:00 Keeping Dollars in the Black Community

6:21 Podcast Introduction

8:08 How did Dr. Kimbro get in the room with successful black millionaires?

10:52 What is a successful entrepreneurial mindset?

21:47 Entrepreneurship during COVID-19: Adapting to a New Normal

28:36 How Can Corporations Help Small Businesses in These Times?

39:17 How Entrepreneurship Leads to Self-Actualization: The Power of Giving Back

43:42 How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

48:06 Closing Thoughts

49:59 Outro

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Podcas logo MYB.jpg

In this episode, Dr. Karmetria talks about the story of the Paint Your Lips Red Foundation. It is a masterclass in building and sustaining a brand. 

Today she interviews two very special people. First, Business Coach and collaborator Felicia Phillips. She was the first one Dr. Burton reached out to about regarding the idea that would eventually evolve into PYLR. 

She also speak with Quiana Cage, a young lady Karmetria has mentored and who has also gained confidence in her leadership and style as a result of PYLR.

This episode is a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote in the United States. 


00:00 The Inception of PYLR? 
5:18 Felicia Phillips- Early Days of PYLR
10:05 The Importance of Brand Strategy- Key Questions to Ask Yourself 
15:56 Quiana Cage- How PYLR Helped Her Evolve 
25:50- Collaborating vs Competing 
31:25 PYLR 2.0 and Closing Thoughts 

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